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What you need to know

The Roofing System consists of three components that should be balanced to work efficiently.
  • The Shingled Roof acts as an umbrella shedding water and snow off the building.
  • Insulation separates the attic from the house interior creating a comfortable home environment and reducing energy consumption.
  • Ventilation moves cool air into the attic and hot air out. It extends the life of the shingles and provides a comfortable living environment.
A Let It Rain consultant will give you an informed and honest report on your home and recommend all the steps necessary to provide you with a lasting and efficient roofing system.
Since the mid 1990s average freeze-thaw cycles in Toronto and the GTA have quadrupled in frequency. These constant freeze-thaw cycles accelerate roof problems, rapidly reducing the life of your roof. In order to install a robust and energy efficient roof, a roofing company must understand the threats of a bad roofing system.